Friday, 16 September 2016

East or West?

I'm playing catch up with the blog due to lots of work that has come in, but don't feel sorry for me! Last Sunday at the Obs it seemed that the Swallows couldn't make their minds up which way to move! The coastline at the Obs faces north in to Morecambe Bay and visual migration is generally east or west. The direction of movement can be seasonal, generally east in spring and west in autumn, or affected by the weather. On that morning I had 17 Swallowsgo west low and out to sea, and 14 go northeast high up!

In addition to the Swallows on vis I had seven Alba Wags, nine Grey Wagtails, a Peregrine and four Meadow Pipits. The sea was nearly as quiet with 870 Knots west (heading to Ribble estuary presumably), three Auk sp., 43 Shelducks, three Guillemots, two Sandwich Terns, a Great Crested Grebe and nine Grey Plovers. A Chiffchaff along the edge of the golf course was the only grounded migrant!

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