Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Very Little To Report

Disappointingly I have very little to report today due to the horrible weather we are all suffering with at the moment. I had high hopes of a few birds as I was going to have a walk round on a farm in the valley of the River Wenning and then on the way back I was going to call at my feeding station.

I did both of those things but the weather rendered the day virtually bird less! In the Wenning Valley I struggled to record five Mistle Thrushes, five Grey Partridges, a Buzzard, six Fieldfares, three Redwings and a Song Thrush. I had a buck Roe Deer come out of one of the woodlands on the farm. What did lift my spirits was some Gorse in flower in one of the new hedges that we planted this time last year. I like Gorse as somewhere throughout the year there's some flowering.

 There's always some Gorse in flower to make you smile!

As planned I called at my feeding station but my visit coincided with a heavy squally shower brought in by very strong winds. I ran to the feeding station and back donned in full waterproofs and all I could say was that there was a lot of Tree Sparrows! Let's hope the weather improves soon!

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

Much the same here mate, the weather is just bloody ridiculous now :-(

Wish there were some new hedgerows here like the one you have shown!