Friday, 11 September 2015

Mostly Swallows

Even though we have stopped ringing at the Swallow roost for the year, Swallows certainly featured in this morning's birding, but more of that in a minute.

With no site visits today I decided to have a couple of hours birding before doing some office work. High tide wasn't until 1100 so I called in at a couple of good migrant spots before heading to the coast to look on the sea. I must admit I didn't expect any grounded migrants as it was clear overnight and clear this morning, and from that perspective I wasn't disappointed because I didn't have any grounded migrants, well not really! Five Robins and a Goldcrest were probably migrants, but unsurprisingly there was little else around.

I headed to my seawatching spot and spent just an hour and three quarters seawatching and recording vis. The main feature of the morning vis wise was the easterly passage of Swallows and I had 74 with a supporting cast of five Grey Wagtails, two Lesser Redpolls, seven Alba Wags and a Snipe.

It was quite hazy out to sea and it was very quiet with just 48 Cormorants, five Gannets, four Eiders and three Grey Plovers logged.

After I had finished seawatching the sea had run far enough in to start gathering some waders and I had 239 Oystercatchers, 26 Sanderlings, four Turnstones, two Redshanks, four Curlews, 106 Ringed Plovers and 35 Dunlins.

The weather synopsis for overnight and in tomorrow morning looks interesting with clear skies until the early hours, moderate southeasterly winds and a low pressure system sweeping in. There's a good chance that it could drop a few migrants. The only thing to do is get up and do some birding in the rain!

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