Saturday, 10 December 2016

Dispersing Cormorants

Friday morning saw me at the Point just after the tide was falling, with full cloud cover and a 15 mph southwesterly wind. It was murky in the bay and there was some light rain about.

Visibility was poor this morning and consequently I didn't record very much and only gave it an hour. In fact it was such a miserable morning I thought it was never going to get light! All the sea produced was six Eiders and a Red-throated Diver.

The only point of interest was the Cormorants. I had 82 fly west out of the bay. I assumed that they were dispersing birds from their night time roost on the shingle island and heading out to feeding areas west and south.

I then went to the Marine Lakes to see if I could read some leg flags on the Turnstones. I found a flock of 30 birds but they were very flighty being flushed constantly by dog walkers. I'm not going to start on about dog walkers, don't worry!

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