Saturday, 31 December 2016


I didn't have any time for birding today other than to have a quick look on the Quay when Gail and I were collecting some logs. The tide was running in and most of the mudflats were covered, but on the remaining patches of mud were 61 Redshanks, five Oystercatchers, seven Black-tailed Godwits, two Curlews, 21 Mallards, 100 Lapwings, 12 Wigeons and a Dunlin.

New Years Eve isn't something that I really celebrate, being a Pagan at heart, as the winter Solstice is a more appropriate celebration, but nevertheless I would like to wish you all haud Hogmanay and a guid New Year for tomorrow!

Or alternatively as my Tolkein friend (Mark) posted earlier, "Happy New Imagined Time Phase for the Rotation of your Planet around it's Star"! It doesn't trip off the tongue the same though Mark!

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