Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ten Out Of Ten For Effort!

What a dismal morning I had this morning. None of the hoped for grounded migrants, but then again the forecast later on yesterday evening didn't look too good for producing 'the goods'. Over night there weren't too many clear slots and this would have prevented any migrants for getting on the move.

However I still set my alarm for 0530 and headed out in to the wet and blustery dawn. The wind was a 15-20 mph ESE and I struggled to find any sites sheltered enough to potentially hold any migrants. My first port of call was a little park on the coast with lots of good cover and usually very sheltered. It has a large bowl of an embankment full of scrub and trees that runs round from the southwest to the southeast but even this wasn't sheltered this morning and consequently there were few birds.

I moved on to some scrub at the northern end of the peninsula right at the mouth of the estuary but as this faced east it was getting a severe blasting making it difficult to see anything. I then headed to a small woodland just inland thinking that at least it would be sheltered, but the woodland was too large and it still had full leaf cover and again I struggled to find anything. My last ditch attempt was at the cemetery on the coast but as in all my sites I covered this morning the vegetation isn't sheltered from an easterly so again I drew a blank.

So there you have it a big fat zilch and four paragraphs of waffle to fill my blog! Not a mention of a single bird! The forecast is looking better for tomorrow; the wind will be southeasterly and not as windy as this morning with some clear skies. Fingers crossed there will be some birds about!

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Warren Baker said...

4 paragraphs of waffle, two less than my blog :-) !