Saturday, 21 September 2013

What Happened To The Daylight?

I got to the Obs for about 6.15 this morning and it was still dark! It was overcast with a light-moderate SE wind but I did expect it to be a little lighter than it was. In fact with the grey dreary skies it was still pretty dark at 7.00 a.m.! It just means that for tomorrow I can set my alarm at least fifteen minutes later; luxury!

It was too windy for operating mist nets this morning so I did my usual circuit. I didn't have anything that I could consider 'grounded' this morning, but there was some 'vis' once it cleared a little. The vis included four Grey Wagtails, ten Alba Wags, 222 Pink-footed Geese, fifty Meadow Pipits, 57 Swallows, 17 House Martins, eight Snipe and four House Sparrows.

I had a look on the sea from my usual sea and vis watch point and it was quiet other than a single Eider, 110 Sandwich Terns, 33 Shelducks, a Wigeon and nine Common Scoters.

I did have a look in the cemetery afterwards to see if my fears were confirmed over a lack of grounded migrants and it was quiet in the cemetery so my fears were indeed confirmed!

It's more of the same for tomorrow with cloudy skies and a stiff southwesterly wind. I'll take a look at the Obs although I don't expect much, but then again it is Autumn and anything can turn up. At the moment the forecast is looking okay for some ringing at the Obs on Monday and Tuesday, so if it remains that way I'll give it a go.

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Warren Baker said...

All pretty Dead in the cemetery then :-)

Dreary dull skies here all day horrible!