Monday, 13 May 2013

Belated April Rinigng Totals

As per usual over on the right I have updated the ringing totals for Fylde Ringing Group and up until the end of April we have ringed 902 birds of 44 species. In fact April was a good month and our total was 408 birds which is very respectable.

New species ringed for the year during April were a Sparrowhawk, four Tree Pipits, six Wheatears, a Cetti's Warbler, two Sedge Warblers, a Reed Warbler, three Lesser Whitethroats, five Whitethroats, a Garden Warbler, nine Blackcaps, 34 Chiffchaffs, 105 Willow Warblers and 36 Lesser Redpolls.

The top five species ringed during April were:

1. Willow Warbler - 105
2. Meadow Pipit - 56
3. Goldcrest - 45
4. Goldfinch - 38
5. Lesser Redpoll - 36

The top ten 'movers and shakers' for the month were as follows:

1. Chaffinch - 34 (same position)
2. Goldfinch - 111 (same position)
3. Willow Warbler - 105 (straight in)
4. Meadow Pipit - 56 (straight in)
5. Brambling - 55 (down from 3rd)
    Reed Bunting - 55 (down from 4th)
7. Goldcrest - 48 (straight in)
8. Great Tit - 37 (down from 5th)
9. Lesser Redpoll - 36 (straight in)
10. Chiffchaff - 34 (straight in)
      Blue Tit - 37 (down from 6th)

It's nice to see five species coming straight in to the year's top ten ringed so far. As we're nearly half way through May I can tell you that May started off okay, but it has quietened down a bit now because of the weather. Let's hope the weather picks up whilst there's still time to catch and ring migrating Acro's.

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