Friday, 23 August 2013

Eight Thousand

I nearly did a postscript to yesterday's posting as there seemed to be a movement of birds after I had packed up ringing at the obs. Carrying out my household chores later in the morning I could hear a Sylvia warbler 'tacking' from a neighbouring garden and a number of Swallows were going over heading south. I knew Ian would still be out birding and he said that he had ringed 24 birds at the pools at the obs that morning and further to that he had two Garganey fly in as well. He was now at the coast and had thirteen Wheatears on the beach plus a steady passage of Swallows.

So where am I going with this? When we came to ring at the Swallow roost last night the obvious effect of all the movement throughout the day had swelled the numbers roosting to at least eight thousand! Unfortunately for us there was just Graham, Ian and Me available and so only one net could be put up and we ringed 81 birds. With another ringer and an extra net we could certainly increase our catch.

The forecast is a little 'iffy' for tomorrow, so as yet I'm not sure whether it will be birding, ringing or both, but it will be one of those combinations!

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