Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lightning Can Strike Twice!

This morning, for the second morning in a row, I only ringed a single bird at the obs. Yesterday it was a Dunnock and today a juvenile Goldfinch. I must admit I did expect a few more birds this morning particularly as some cloud cover had rolled in over night with the hope of it dropping a few birds.


I nearly ringed two birds this morning but a Tree Pipit escaped from the net before I could get to it! Vis was pretty slow as well with just a House Martin, a Grey Wagtail, five Tree Pipits and 13 Swallows heading south. The only grounded migrant I had was a single Whinchat which was nice, but it didn't completely make up for a slow morning.

Having said all that when you 'work' a coastal migration site with minimal cover when there are no birds around there certainly are no birds around! Likewise when you get a fall it more than makes up for those quiet mornings.

Talking of falls if you haven't heard what they had at Spurn Bird Observatory on Sunday (25th) and to a lesser extent yesterday click here. Awesome!

There is a weak front moving south tonight that will introduce some thick cloud, but unfortunately no rain, that might drop a bird or two. However, it is also looking like it is going to be a tad windy so I might not be able to ring in the morning but I will hopefully be out birding. As always I will let you know.

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Warren Baker said...

Doh! Tree pipit escaped! :-)