Thursday, 15 August 2013

Two Tytos

Yesterday evening I visited some farming friends of mine, Robert and Diana, to hopefully ring a brood of Barn Owls nesting in a box in their barn. We were joined by my trainee Huw and Dave and Claire, some friends from Orkney.

Robert and Me checked the box on a beam in the loft of the barn and were pleased to find two well-grown young Barn Owl chicks. They were ringed by Dave and Huw and safely returned to the box. Many thanks to Robert and Diana for providing the box for the Barn Owls in the first place and secondly for allowing us to ring them.

 One of the Barn Owls chicks

The weather today has been atrocious and there is absolutely no chance of us doing the Swallow roost this evening so we are going to leave that until tomorrow when the forecast is a good deal better!

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