Sunday, 4 August 2013

Saturday Night Fever - Fylde Ringing Group Style!

Where did you spend your Saturday evening? I would be impressed, surprised and even disappointed if you said you spent it in a damp reedbed as did Huw, Ian and Me!

There was a window in the weather last night to enable us to put some nets up at the Swallow roost and even though it was Saturday night we gave up an evening of real ale to ring some Swallows. Well not quite, as I had a couple of pints when I got home at 10:30 pm!

On Friday evening the roost had peaked over recent days at 4,000 birds, but this evening there were about 2,000 coming in probably due to the weather. We ringed 50 birds and all were juveniles apart from just two adults.

Pre-roost we had two Kestrels and I wondered whether Swallows ever feature as a prey item to Kestrels; I'll have to look that up. To avoid disturbing the roost we only ring at it no more than every three days and looking at the forecast next Tuesday is going to be the next suitable day and that fits in nicely with the timings.

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