Friday, 30 August 2013

Where Have All The Birds Gone?

All I seem to be doing of late is moaning about a lack of birds. I know we struggle here on the west coast and at the moment the east coast is jumping with migrants, but it is very quiet at the minute even for here!

I had a look on the sea this morning and it was desperate! When I got to the Point just after 0600 I thought it looked promising as the visibility was cracking (you could almost read the time on Barrow Town Hall clock!) and the westerly breeze was reasonably stiff at 15 mph. Over the next three quarters of an hour I had five Sandwich Terns and two Common Scoters and that was it! Okay I know what you are all saying, "what a light weight only giving it three quarters of an hour", but I could tell it was going to be one of those  mornings.

I decided to cut my losses and look for some waders to see how many were roosting and whether I could pick up some of our leg-flagged Turnstones. Even that was hard work and all I could find were 23 Oystercatchers, four Redshanks, 15 Dunlin, 21 Ringed Plovers and four Curlews!

Oh well there's always tomorrow, but I've looked at the forecast and it's going to be northwesterly......eek!!!

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Stringer said...

Yeah, but my bit of east coast wasn't 'jumping' 8(