Saturday, 29 October 2016

Goosey, Goosey, Goosander

I survived yesterday's beer festival in a sober enough state to enable me to get out birding this morning. The original plan was to go ringing at the farm fields at the Obs, but a forecast suggesting some drizzle early morning made me change my mind to just go birding instead. At first light I was greeted with full cloud cover with a force 1 - 2 southwesterly wind.

I hadn't long set off when Pink-footed Geese started to arrive and land in the farm fields and 510 dropped-in, in a relatively short time. There seemed to be a few Robins grounded this morning and on my walk round I had at least twenty. Talking of grounded migrants there was a few wintering Thrushes lurking about in the form of three Fieldfares, eleven Blackbirds and five Song Thrushes. It was difficult to say whether the two Stonechats that I encountered this morning were grounded migrants or not, as they do winter here and there has been a few about.

It was pretty murky this morning and therefore the vis was light to non-existent and scraping the barrel all I had was three Alba Wags, five Reed Buntings, 16 Meadow Pipits, three Greenfinches and a Grey Wagtail.

The most interesting bird, or birds, were on the sea when I had two Goosanders fly south close inshore. Not rare of course, but I record them scarcely annually on the patch so they were good to see. I only had a quick look on the sea so all I could add in addition to the Goosanders were two Common Scoters.

It's going to be calm in the morning, so hopefully I'll be able to get some nets up!

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