Thursday, 12 December 2013

Feeding Station Update

I apologise for not posting for a week and that is partly due to not having a great deal to say and I have been busy with work. As per usual I have been going to my feeding station every other day, that's all I seem to do at the moment, and even then I haven't had time for a proper walk round.

I seem to have been timing it recently when there has been low numbers of Tree Sparrows and good numbers of Fieldfares, and recently my highest count of Tree Sparrows has been 63 and Fieldfares 266. Chaffinches have been around the ten mark and over the last couple of visits I've only had a couple of Yellowhammers.

 A distant view of four of the 266 Fieldfares

A couple of days ago I decided to have a walk through the woodland close to my feeding station and it was quiet other than a Treecreeper. However, I was really pleased to see Treecreeper as they are virtually absent from my usual coastal birding locations. below are a couple of views within the woodland.

I'll be back at the feeding station tomorrow morning, so I'll let you know if anything has changed, and hopefully at the weekend a mooch round the obs.


Warren Baker said...

everythings on the Christmas wind down now ! :-)

The Hairy Birder said...

I quite agree Warren and I for one can't wait for a couple of weeks without work to get out on the patch everyday!