Friday, 13 December 2013

November's Ringing Totals

As per usual at this time of the month I have updated the group's ringing totals over on the right and you will see that up until the end of November we have ringed 3,200 birds of 62 species. We are 336 down on this time last year which is pretty good considering the awful October we had. Two new species were added for the year and these were Coot and Pied Wagtail. Below I have listed the top five species ringed for the month and the usual top ten 'movers and shakers' for the year.

Top Five Ringed in November

1. Reed Bunting - 47
2. Pied Wagtail - 41
3. Great Tit - 41
4. Tree Sparrow - 36
5. Goldfinch - 34

Top Ten Movers and Shakers for the Year

1. Swallow - 761 (same position)
2. Chaffinch - 168 (same position)
3. Blue Tit - 166 (up from 6th)
4. Goldfinch - 163 (down from 3rd)
5. Greenfinch - 162 (same position)
6. Willow Warbler - 132 (down from 4th)
7. Great Tit - 131 (same position)
8. Tree Sparrow - 130 (up from 10th)
9. Reed Bunting - 128 (straight in)
10. Reed Warbler - 108 (down from 8th)

I called at my feeding station today but the weather was awful so it was a quick 'splash and dash' and a rainy count of 15 Chaffinches and 73 Tree Sparrows.

There's a tide in the morning so I'll probably have a look on the sea and there's only eight more days until the return of the sun!

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