Tuesday, 17 December 2013

They're Not Turnstones!

Craig, Ian and I attempted a last catch of Turnstones for 2013 this morning, but they weren't playing ball. We couldn't even blame dog walkers for flushing them as the disturbance wasn't too bad. It's just a fact that they have become wary of three hairy blokes sat in a car with a whoosh net set up! We will try again in the New Year as it is such an exciting, important and interesting project.

There were probably about 150 Turnstones around with a single Purple Sandpiper.

We didn't draw a complete blank, because instead of Turnstones we ringed fourteen Starlings!



Warren Baker said...

Starlings are always a good catch, they may have come from anywhere in Europe :-)

The Hairy Birder said...

That's true Warren. I remember many years ago a friend of mine was asked by his neighbour if he could help him retrieve a bird trapped behind his gas fire. They removed the gas fire and the bird was a Starling with a Lithuanian ring on it!