Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Too Early For Tree Sparrows

Roll on Boxing Day so that I can get out birding properly again; I'm like a caged beast at the moment desperate to escape! With all the family round for a meal tomorrow her indoors is finding me chore after chore preventing me from getting out!

I had a quick visit to my feeding station yesterday but the weather was horrendous and I was there in the half-light just as the Tree Sparrows were arriving so I can't report anything meaningful. I will get to the feeding station tomorrow, but it will be a short visit before everyone descends on our house and eats and drinks us out of house and home! Thankfully it's only once a year and what a miserable old b*stard I am!

See you Boxing Day!


Warren Baker said...

Merry Christmas you miserable old sod :-) :-) LoL

The Hairy Birder said...

And a Merry Christmas to you too Warren!