Monday, 25 November 2013

A Few Waggies

Last Friday Ian managed to tape lure and ring 21 Pied Wagtails as they headed to roost and yesterday (Sunday) evening we headed off to the reedbeds to try it again. There weren't as many Pied Wagtails flying over heading to roost and we suspect this is due to activity at different times of the week on their main feeding areas. We suspect that there is a difference between a Sunday and mid-week days and will return on a mid-week afternoon soon to test our theory.

We ringed six Pied Wagtails plus a Greenfinch and a Reed Bunting. To put these totals in perspective, prior to Ian's catch last Friday the group had previously ringed 18 full grown Pied Wagtails and 76 pullus, so we have more than doubled the all time full grown total in just a couple of sessions!

 Pied Wagtail

I made a quick visit to my feeding station late this afternoon to feed and there were still few birds feeding there even though it was getting on towards dusk, including 98 Tree Sparrows, ten Chaffinches, two Grey Partridges, twenty Fieldfares and three Blackbirds

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