Tuesday, 12 November 2013

October's Ringing Totals

Over on the right I've updated the ringing totals for Fylde Ringing Group up until the end of October. October was a weary month from a ringing perspective as we seemed to have constant winds too strong for operating must nets, or they were when I tried to get out! Now I'm fairly flexible in terms of getting out as I work for myself, but this October was the first October in my thirty years of ringing that I didn't ring a single bird! Fortunately Ian is even more flexible than me work wise and the 225 birds ringed is completely down to him, so well done and thank you Ian!

As usual I have listed below the top five ringed for the month followed by the 'movers and shakers' for the year.

Top Five Ringed in October

1. Greenfinch - 68
2. Chaffinch - 28
3. Blue Tit - 25
4. Wren - 17
5. Redwing - 15

Top Ten 'Movers and Shakers' for the Year

1. Swallow - 761 (same position)
2. Chaffinch - 155 (up from 4th)
3. Goldfinch - 142 (down from 2nd)
4. Willow Warbler - 132 (down from 3rd)
5. Greenfinch - 128 (straight in)
6. Blue Tit - 125 (up from 7th)
7. Great Tit - 118 (down from 6th)
8. Reed Warbler - 108 (down from 5th)
9. Sedge Warbler - 100 (down from 7th)
10. Tree Sparrow - 94 (straight in)

My only other news from today is from my feeding station that I called at on my way back from a site visit. I had a Reed Bunting, 92 Tree Sparrows, three Fieldfares, a Buzzard, a Skylark, ten Chaffinches, two Grey Partridges and a Yellowhammer.

I have a day in the office tomorrow so there will be no birding from me, but I am running my moth trap tonight so perhaps I'll have some moth news to report.

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