Friday, 15 November 2013

A Nice Selection Of Common Birds

No time for any 'real' birding this morning, just birding connected to a quick visit to my feeding station and to a farm I was working on in the Wenning Valley. Even so both sites revealed a nice selection of common birds.

At my feeding station I had 22 Chaffinches, 121 Tree Sparrows (highest count of the winter so far), a Yellowhammer and a Fieldfare.

At the farm in the Wenning Valley first up was a Little Egret that was feeding in an improved pasture; I'm not sure what it would find to feed on there! The skies were dominated by two Buzzards and two Ravens, with one of the Ravens vocalising at the Buzzard as it passed by fairly close. In some scrubby woodland were numerous Redwings (didn't get a count) and about 120 Fieldfares with good numbers of Blackbirds and a handful of Song Thrushes.

It will hopefully be a weekend of news from my feeding station as I have to call there tomorrow to feed and up to press again on Sunday as it is looking calm enough for a ringing session. Fingers crossed!

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