Monday, 4 November 2013

First Frost

It was a glorious frosty morning this morning and the frost on my car took me by surprise a little. I had an appointment with some hungry Tree Sparrows and I was at my mossland feeding station earlier than normal. My earlier visit meant that not all of the Sparrows had arrived from their roost and I had just 79 birds. As usual there were a few Chaffinches at the feeding station and this morning I counted ten.

I had a walk along the '97 hedge' to the 'top fields' and 287 Pink-footed Geese went over heading north to feed. There were three Reed Buntings in the hedge and when I got to the Birch trees fifteen Linnets lifted from some adjacent stubble. Walking back I recorded four Skylarks, a Snipe, three Yellowhammers and single Jay and Redwing.

 Looking across the 'top fields' towards Bowland

Back home I checked my moth trap but didn't expect much in the frosty conditions so I was surprised to find two Silver Ys, three Angle Shades and a Dark Sword-grass.

 Angle Shades

Silver Y

It's going to be wet tomorrow so a day catching up with work is in order after my excursion to Northumberland last week!


Warren Baker said...

Looks like some great habitat in that field :-)

Look forward to some frost here, it's just continuous rain at the moment!

The Hairy Birder said...

We had just one morning of frost Warren and now it's back to the wet stuff! Typical!!