Friday, 8 November 2013

On the Moss Again

As you are aware I get to spend a lot of time on the Moss between November and March, basically every other day as I become a slave to my feeding station and today was no exception. I had a site visit through work close by and called in to feed on my way home late morning. Late morning is always best for a count of the Tree Sparrows and there were 105 along with twelve Chaffinches.

If I have time I always like to have a short walk after I have fed and try and vary it if I can. Today instead of heading north along the 97 Hedge I headed south to the rough grassland, along the ditch on the far side of the big field, across to the 97 hedge and back to the car.

It was fairly quiet on my walk, although if you look there is always something to see, and if I hadn't walked this way this morning I wouldn't have recorded the eight Skylarks and twelve Snipes that I put up as I crossed the 'big field'.

A couple of Reed Buntings were along the ditch and as I watched a Buzzard being mobbed by several Corvids a Brown Hare 'shot off' from my feet. I love Brown hares as they are cracking animals and I always submit all my sightings to the Northwest Brown Hare Project. If you live in Lancashire, Greater Manchester or North Merseyside you can too by clicking here

Walking back along the '97 hedge' a couple of Linnets lifted from the margin and moving through the hedge was a flock of eleven Long-tailed Tits. Feeding on the Hawthorn berries were 19 Redwings, a Fieldfare and a Song Thrush. The last bird I recorded before reaching my car was a Stock Dove flying out of Curlew Wood.

The weather is looking a bit grim for tomorrow, but I will be out given half the chance. Sunday actually looks like I'll get some ringing done either at my farmland bird feeding station or at a woodland feeding station in Bowland. I'll keep you posted.

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