Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fat Bird of the Barley

I'm on that cycle now of calling at my feeding station every other day to feed the Tree Sparrows. I called late this morning to feed and it was raining slightly, but not enough to put me off having a walk for half an hour.

At the feeding station were 19 Chaffinches and 94 Tree Sparrows. After I had fed I took a slightly different route and headed straight across the 'big 'field' and north along the eastern boundary ditch to the scrubby corner and back along the '97 hedge'.

As I crossed the big field 77 Pink-footed Geese were arriving high from the east and I put a couple of Snipe up from the peaty field. The scrubby corner was quiet with just three Reed Buntings and I headed little further north on to the 'top fields'. Here I came across my first Corn Bunting flock for the site for the winter and I had a group of 23 that flew across the field calling.

I headed back along the '97 hedge' but it was quiet with just single Linnet, Redwing, Buzzard and Greenfinch. Driving off the site I had a small flock of finches and buntings comprising of about 20 Chaffinches, six Corn Buntings and at least one Yellowhammer. It was time to head home and do some work.

The fat bird of the Barley


Warren Baker said...

Just 3 Reed Bunting, I'm lucky to get 3 sightings in a year!

As for Tree Sparrows and Corn chance!

The Hairy Birder said...

I'll swap you some Reed Bunts, Tree Sparrows and Corn Bunts for some Bullfinches, Green Woodpeckers and Hobby's if you like! They're like hen's teeth on my patch!



Warren Baker said...

I think I could spare a few of those Seumus!