Saturday, 28 March 2020

Dung Roundhead

I find fungi fascinating, neither a plant or an animal, and they have such fantastic and very often descriptive names; Dung Roundhead, Common Stump Brittlestern, Twig Parachute and Bloodred Webcap etc, etc, etc tens of thousands of times!

The picture below is of a Dung Roundhead, I think (maybe somebody will tell me differently), that I took at one of my bird ringing sites in 2013. In fact, I am rubbish at identifying fungi, mainly because I don't spend enough time doing it, and every year I always say to myself that I must spend some more time looking at fungi, and sadly I never do. One of these days.....

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It was another quiet night for the moth trap last night, and in my garden trap this morning I only had three Hebrew Characters, an Early Grey and a Common Quaker. It is early in the season and it was cold last night.

I might have something nest box related to post tomorrow, but we'll see. 

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