Saturday, 21 March 2020

Solan Goose

I've gone north of the border again for today's picture, and it is one of my favourite birds, the Gannet. The Gannet has lots of local names and one of the most common is that of Solan Goose.
The picture below was taken in northeast Scotland at Scotland's largest mainland Gannet colony, Troup Head in Aberdeenshire.
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At this time of year when seawatching from Rossall Point Gannets start to move through as they return to their colonies, and can be seen quite close inshore. Better still is to go to a Gannet colony such as Troup head or Bempton Cliffs on the Yorkshire coast.
What the picture can't convey is the sound and smell of a seabird colony, and it is really impossible to describe, you just have to go an experience it for yourself! So, when we get through the madness that we find ourselves living through at the moment, treat yourself to a visit to a seabird colony, I can guarantee that you will absolutely love it! 
It was on this day in 2015 when for only twice in my life I could see Scotland, or Dumfries or Galloway to be more precise, from the Lancashire coast! The atmospheric conditions meant that it was crystal clear and Snowdonia in Wales and the Isle of Man were also crystal clear!

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